Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Scary Story: Wangsa Maju Part 2

Part 1 here

I thought they were trying to scare me, so I refused to believe that they were ghosts! Back then that seemed so nuts, and I thought it must be a cultural difference. I mean, in UK you hardly hear about haunted places and then all of a sudden I come to Malaysia and I start experiencing all this madness!

I went down to the bottom floor and went to see another friend of ours, a girl who lived on the ground floor. I really liked that girl and she seemed so straightforward, no bullshit type of girl. She used to smoke which is kind of looked down on for females over there, but she didn't care. She had big dreams about her future and really wanted to go to the UK for Uni. I found her outside her condo, smoking away with her mum hanging out the washing. I asked her about the pool. I didn't even get to tell her about what happened when she told me to not swim in it. She said that some kids had drowned and that apparently one little boy that had drowned in it, and that he had been with his dad when it happened. Apparently the kid was swimming just fine but then drowned and the father didn't even notice it happening right next to him. Her mum was saying stuff as well in Malay that she translated, about how the place was haunted, and that I should pray and not pay attention to them.

After talking to her I went back up, and my hubby said that he had remembered something that had happened to him when he was younger in the pool. He said that one time he had gone swimming with his brother and sister and that the pool was not that deep. He remembers swimming around and then dipping underneath the water as kids do. He then told me that he remembers trying to go up to the surface. when something grabbed his leg and held him under. He struggled for a bit until his sister noticed and pulled him up. My husband is a very honest man so I have no reason to doubt him.

That evening more friends came over and they started sharing their stories of that block. They all had lived in it at some point, or were frequent visitors. Most were just seeing shadows etc but one scared me so much. So in this certain block of flats you usually enter the place through the car park. We were staying at the top level but you can take an elevator down to the ground level, so you are kind of below the car park, with big concrete blocks. This guy said that one time he went down there to smoke, and that he looked up and saw a ghost/demon/evil looking man glaring back at him. He was between the 2 pillars and supporting himself by putting his legs on either pillar to hold himself up. He stared at this guy in an evil way and this guy was freaking out but started saying a prayer and decided to silently walk away without annoying the thing further. Since then he didn't go down there. But funny thing is that when I used to leave the car park to get into the lift, I also got a creepy vibe from looking down at the lower level. I think he mentioned that someone had hung themselves down there.

Well that's pretty much all I got for Wangsa Maju apart from seeing some shadows in the apartment, but who doesn't see shadows right??!! :p I have a couple more stories from Malaysia, I'm starting to think the whole place is haunted, as well as stories that other people have told me. Til next time!

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  1. More please... You write so well. Entering Asia must have triggered your 3rd sight or 6th sense.
    Why not research all around Malaysia and publish your experiences?


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