Sunday, 15 January 2012

Holiday to Malaysia!

I have booked my holiday to Malaysia and will be going there at the end of March, which I am excited about :) There are a few things I wanna do when I go there, which I haven't done yet in the last 3 times I have been there.

I think I have done pretty much everything else in KL, maybe I can be a bit more adventurous and go outside of KL :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Book Review: Burqalicious

I just finished reading Burqalicious by Becky Wicks. The synopsis goes like this:

"As a sassy young woman used to blagging, blogging and slogging her way through dreary London, the call of a glamorous, tax-free lifestyle in sunny Dubai just couldn't go unanswered. During two and a half years, an entire city rose from the dust around Becky, along with a good few rungs of that hard-to-climb career ladder. She was a celebrity editor in a land where sex definitely does not sell and spent most nights in a five-star blur of champagne luxury. For two and a half years, Dubai gave Becky everything, but it all got a bit messy - not least because a wealthy jealous Arab made her his mistress. These days, shamed rule-breakers and failed entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen in Dubai, but it wasn't always so tragic. Becky lifts the burqa behind the razzle-dazzle and what it was really like to live in the world's fastest up and coming city." 

I enjoyed reading her blogging account of her adventures in Dubai and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of moving there, especially if you are a western non-Muslim. You would probably relate to her better if you are a fun-loving, beer drinking Brit as the majority of her stories revolve around her bar-hopping and being a rich Arab guys mistress :p It's definitely a page turner but like other Dubai-based books I have read, it has left me feeling like the Dubai dream is over, as her dream of a glamorous life there begins to slowly unravel. I give it a 3/5 :)