Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How to make magloba

Magloba is an Arabic dish my mother in law taught me so Im gonna teach you!


Whole chicken
Curry powder
Tumeric powder
Greek yoghurt


First boil a pot of water, enough to cook your chicken in

Once boiling, place whole chicken in water, along with 2 tablespoons of Curry powder and one tablespoon of tumeric powder, with a couple of pinches of salt

Let it boil for about 40 minutes

Heat up the oven at 200c and wash the rice

Remove the chicken from the pot and place in a baking tray in the middle rack and cook for 20, or whenever chicken is done.

Meanwhile, use the chicken stock left in the pot to cook your rice with

Cut up some Tomato and cucumber into small pieces and mix with the rice when it is done.
Take your yoghurt and put into a serving bowl. Cut up one clove of Garlic and stir into the yoghurt. Take your leftover cucumber and slice it, also mixing it in the yoghurt. Finally add Salt and pepper to the yoghurt to your taste.

Now everything is ready! Just put your rice around the chicken and serve with the yoghurt! Simples!