Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Book Review- Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia



my latest book read is of “Princess”. This book is told in the first person by “princess sultana”, a member of the the Al Saud royal family. her story is of her life as the youngest daughter of her family through to raising her own children, and she also shares stories of other women from Saudi Arabia that she has heard and experienced over the years. The stories are shocking, and by the end of it I am really appalled by the actions of some individuals that she came across. I think it is a very important read, just to really open people’s eyes to the life of a woman in Saudi Arabia. Although princess sultana is one of the very lucky few, the women's lives around her are very saddening even though they are incredibly wealthy.


without giving too much away i am happy for her by the end of the book, but i know her life story is not over yet. if you are curious to learn more about the workings of the saudi royals, you should deffo read this book! I believe she has written a few more books which i look forward to reading in the future as i am curious to know about her daughters lives.

whilst reading this book i hear news that saudi arabia has finally allowed women to vote! i know i should feel happy, but deep down i honestly think there are more important issues to deal with than letting a woman tick a box life child brides for example, but that’s for a different post!

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  1. You know I haven't read the book but I have read something by the same author. I feel like these aren't always true regardless of what the book says I'm sure the author makes changes, and when it comes to Muslims, Arabs, Saudis and especially the royal family I do get defensive because I am one. I'll try to get that book and read it. Thanks for sharing

  2. i really wish that it was not true or exaggerated cos the stuff in it was horrific. but from what i have heard from saudi women and what has been reported, it seems that these situations do occur. the princess does say in it that her life is not a reflection of islam as she is still a believing woman, its just based on culture, but u really should read it, i found it interesting either way..

  3. Hey Aisha!

    I'm writing an article on risque literature in the middle east such as Desperate in Dubai, Princess etc. I loved your reviews, I was wondering if I could interview you for an article I'm writing, just wanted to ask what you thought, if you liked it, thought it was scandalous, etc. Please get back to me asap with either your email or twitter or facebook! Thanks,


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