Thursday, 5 May 2011

i love moroccan style!

i absolutely adore moroccan interior design. it is my dream to one day have my own house that i can decorate in the style of a moroccan villa. i have never actually been there but just from books and maybe some moroccan restaurants, i have fallen in love with the style. i love how it is rustic yet still inviting and comforting, with lots of colour and fabrics that compliment each other. sometimes i wish i was born back in the 1600s when there were harems and stuff, where all women did was lay around on cushions and had a spa day everyday (lol i know there are some of us still out there that do this!) ill keep on dreaming eh? :P


  1. THis is so cute. I don't know about being in a harem (maybe bludgeoning my enemies on the field muhaha!) but I completely understand the fascination. I have been looking at these types of photos for the past few weeks dreaming of things Id like to do. Just work in steps and try to buy the products overseas cus its cheaper.

  2. Woooow, I also love Moroccan style!!! :D And I'd also love to live in a Moroccan house - in Morocco :D But as for now, I've just got my Moroccan tea cups and mint tea on the tea-shelf. Lol.

  3. This is my style and a long time dream that one day I will live in such a place!
    For the time being I go though my photo album and the beautiful images display in books and movies, till the time when......

  4. yes lets all keep dreaming ladies! x


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